Lockheed Martin Security Specialist in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Security Specialist Official Job Description This is initially a part time requirement with the possibility of being a full time position.

The Security Specialist (SS) reports to the SSM and coordinates with the Area Security Monitor (ASM). The SS is responsible for the support and security of 173rd FW secure facilities during hours and locations specified in the Contract. The Government will certify a SS to open, close, and secure controlled areas where duties are performed. The SS performs applicable security administrative, site administrative, courseware administrative, registrar administrative, and secure facility custodial duties as directed by the SSM. The SS: • Ensures the protection of wing secure facilities, equipment, materials. • In coordination with ASM, develops and administers security procedures for classified materials, documents, and equipment. • Implements federal security regulations. • Coordinates with government agencies to obtain rulings and interpretations and acceptable deviations for compliance with regulations. • Prepares manuals and outlines regulations. • In coordination with the ASM, establishes procedures for handling, storing, and destroying classified materials. • Grants applicable personnel and visitors access to restricted records and materials. • In coordination with the ASM, conducts security education classes. • Assists the ASM in the investigation of security violations and assists in the preparation of reports specifying preventative actions. • Provides protection of F-15 Wing Facilities (LRCs, Maintenance, Simulators, Squadron):  Opens, staffs, and closes assigned secure facilities as directed by the SSM.  Assists students, Lockheed Martin Instructors, and 173rd FW Instructors using applicable 173rd FW secure facilities and equipment.  Coordinates with schedulers to ensure proper configurations of simulators and briefing rooms. • Complies with applicable ANG/USAF and local security procedures and practices including controlling access to secure facilities, handling, and storage of classified documents and electronic media, and monitoring compliance with COMSEC and COMPUSEC. • Provides basic assistance to students, Lockheed Martin Instructors, and ANG personnel with equipment and training devices located in secure areas as directed by the SSM. • Manages and coordinates maintenance of Lockheed Martin presentation equipment and LRC equipment located in secure areas with the Information Technology Work Center and/or 173rd FW security personnel. • Provides assistance with file plans and documentation maintained in classified areas. • Manages and maintains the appearance/cleanliness of classrooms, simulator/squadron briefing rooms, SS areas, and areas not covered by base custodial services as directed by the SSM; this includes but is not limited to cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash containers, wiping white-boards, etc. • Prepares applicable classrooms, equipment and lessons for scheduled events. • Assembles and provides applicable security material for TDY ANG/USAF personnel. • Uploads and downloads Data Transfer Device (DTDs) for the Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) program. • Manages the libraries in secure areas and ensure publications and Technical Orders are current. • Maintains inventoried items in CCZ and MTC briefing rooms and academic classrooms. • Provides general site, security, courseware, and Registrar administrative services as directed by the SSM. • Prepares mission debrief materials and systems. Assists with files, computer log-ins, tapes, DTMs, weapons shots, ICADs, JMPS, etc. • Performs related additional duties as assigned by the SM or SSM. .

Basic Qualifications • One year experience physical, administrative, and information security. • Security clearance background investigation within the past five years.

Desired skills

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Job Location(s): Klamath Falls Oregon