Lockheed Martin Plumber - Maintenance in Marietta, Georgia

Occupational Summary This occupation requires the installation, repair, and maintenance of plant plumbing systems, fittings, accessories and fixtures (including sanitary, steam, various gas, air, sprinkling, hydraulic, water, paint, etc.) and various gas and oil direct fired production and heating equipment.

Work Performed Determines routing of pipe, sequence of operations and location of plumbing lines, fixtures and accessories and equipment. Follows trade practice, specifications, blueprints, sketches and applicable state, municipal, and underwriters' standards and ordinances. Computes kind, size and amount of pipe, connections and other materials when necessary.

Marks lines and points on walls, floors, ceilings and open areas or sets stakes to locate pipe routes, inlets, outlets, connections, fixtures and equipment. Prepares working and recording sketches as required.

Installs, connects and tests such sanitary plumbing fixtures as urinals, water closets, wash basins, sinks and drinking fountains and such plant plumbing facilities as complete compressed air, fire sprinkling, hydraulic, various gas, steam and other pressure systems.

Trouble shoots on plumbing breakdowns by diagnosing trouble, and repairing, replacing or taking other corrective action. Utilize computerized equipment to perform the work described herein. Services and maintains various gas equipment. Installs and maintains steam line insulation.

Lays out and installs plumbing and related plumbing accessories to testing equipment such as hydraulic test jigs and stands. Installs plumbing on hydro presses, hydrotels, degreasers, stretch presses, spotwelder, heat treat equipment, etc.

Overhauls various gas and oil direct fired production and heating equipment by disassembling, diagnosing trouble, replacing and/or repairing faulty parts such as burners, baffles, pilots, governors, floats, strainers, oil pumps and thermocouples. Reassembles, installs and functionally tests equipment. Calibrates and makes any adjustment required.

Performs heating, cutting and welding (not requiring high pressure certification) for the installation of plumbing systems.

May be required to possess license or certificate as required by law. Will possess current compliance with all Company required certifications.

Typical Materials, Tools, and Equipment Used Materials worked on: Various kinds and sizes of pipe, fittings and plumbing fixtures, pumps and valves. High and low pressure tubing and hoses, etc.

Materials worked with: Fittings, pipe, white and red lead, solder sealing compound, lead, straps, insulating materials, cement plaster, solvents, chemical cleaning agents, oakum, cotton twist and wicking, meters and gauges, soap abrasives, and water glass, etc.

Tools used: Plumbers' hand tools, sewer rods, snake, pipe cutter and threader, plumb bob, saws and caulking irons; chain tongs, picks, shovels, levels, squires and rules, scrapers, soldering irons, etc.

Equipment used: Pipe cutting, grooving and threading machines and their accessories; lead melting pit; blow torch; gas welding and cutting torches and electric arc welding equipment; wheelbarrows and hand trucks, ladders; drill presses, grinders, dollies, block and tackle, power hack saws, hoists, etc.

Knowledge and Ability Required To set up and operate pipe cutting and threading machines and accessories, to use plumbers' hand tools, and measuring instruments. To apply a complete knowledge of plumbing and pipe fitting shop theory, practice and procedure. To read and interpret detail, assembly and installation blueprints and to prepare working and recording sketches. To use arithmetic and algebra to solve equations involving application of geometric propositions. To perform plumbing work on overhead roof-supporting structures and at various heights.

To hold and maintain certifications as required by Company, local, state, federal or customer requirements.

Basic Qualifications A candidate is required to have the following minimum level of experience and/or training:

Three years of industrial plumbing, heavy commercial pipe and/or steam fitting experience, including the ability to read and interpret detail plumbing assembly and installation drawings and plumbing schematics.

NOTE: Residential plumbing does NOT meet this requirement. May require a valid master plumber's license or certification from an established licensing agency.

Physical limitations should be reviewed.

To hold and maintain certifications as required by Company, local, state, federal or customer requirements.

Desired skills Master plumber's license or certification from an established licensing agency.

Verifiable industrial plumbing experience required to include: pipefitting, gas piping and fittings, steam piping and fittings, water and wastewater collection and distribution systems.

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Job Location(s): Marietta Georgia