Lockheed Martin Flight Test Instru Tech in Palmdale, California

Determines method/sequence of ops, lays out, fabricates, installs, troubleshoots, repairs, calibrates, maintains, performs final ops checkout of entire instrument and instrumentation systems and subsystems in lab conditions, or on aircraft, prior to, during & subsequent to flight test, work with engineering on static tests, functional tests, and research and dev of aircraft systems and components for stock, production and flight test, where engineering info is incomplete, ops sequences change or vary considerably, exercise knowledge of aircraft instrumentation systems, subsystems, and ground support equipment, or test equipment: pulse code modulation decommutator, FM discriminator, oscilloscope, multimeter, function generator, frequency counter etc, or recording systems: digital pulse code modulation data acquisition and FM - PCM analog data acquisition, and transducers and related layout, fabrication and installation procedures; knowledge aircraft electrical systems, structures, power plants and funct systems ensure aircraft airworthiness and conformance to engineering flight test requirements; set up, operate and maintain ground support stations for tests and pre/post flight calibrations and checkout; makes/recommends changes in equipment; sells off instrumentation systems and subsystems for flight or test. Performs rework, Installs, maintains, repairs and checks out recording systems: cameras and related components, pulse code modulation, FM multiplex, tape recorders and strain gauge systems and related components; diagnoses/corrects malfunctions in related accessories actuated by electric, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and mech principles. Prepares instrumentation systems, subsystems, equipment components for flight according pre/post flight test procedures. Performs fault isolation, repair and checkout of digital and FM - PCM analog equipment. Repairs and modifies printed circuit boards using certified soldering techniques. Fabricates, installs and checks out flight test electrical wire harnesses. Incorp design/mod changes to elect, electron and mechanical instrumentation systems making mech/system alterations to locate/install such equipment. Fabricates parts. Improvises shop aids. Maintains records relating to weight, identity and location of items installed. Returns systems, subsystems, equipment and components to original condition upon conclusion of tests. Accompanies aircraft on flight test. Performs functions of the Flight Electrical and Instrument Mechanic. Standing: Requires full time standing with limited resting periods and to walk distances. Heights: Able to work at heights. Able to climb stairs or ladders as required. Able to work off of step stools, scissor lifts, lift platforms and aircraft structure without handrails. Overhead work: Able to work overhead as required. Weight restriction: Able to Lift/push/pull/carry a minimum of 50 lbs. Body positioning: Able to twist/bend (neck or waist) and stoop. Able to work in awkward positions as required. Able to squat/kneel/crawl/reach as required. Work content: Able to use/hold/manipulate small tools and parts with hands. Simple grasping, power grasping and fine manipulation is required. Able to use vibrating tools and perform torqueing operations. Able to use power equipment. Repetitive tasks will be performed. Vision/Hearing: High level Hand/Eye coordination required. Corrective lenses may be used. Eye protection required in many instances. Color differentiation may be required. Must be able to hear at level required for positions. Environmental: Able to work around noise, chemicals, fumes and dust. Capable of using respirators and other personal protective equipment including hearing protection if required. Able to work outside if needed. Attendance: Regular attendance required based on set work schedule. Able to work any shift. Vehicles/Power moving equipment: Able to operate as required. Able to work around heavy equip. or mach.

Basic Qualifications Active secret clearance with investigation within the past 5 years

Experience with installing strain gages, thermocouples, etc.

Desired skills Must be able to attain a Final Secret clearance and Special Program Access prior to start.

Knowledgeable in basic computer operations.

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Job Location(s): Palmdale California