Lockheed Martin Predictive Maintenance Mech in Sunnyvale, California

IAM Hourly represented employees who currently work at the main (Sunnyvale/Palo Alto) unit, Santa Cruz, VAFB or Easter Range facilities cannot apply for this position through the on-line career network system. If you are a current hourly employee and you want to be considered for this position you must submit a valid placement card request to labor relations.

This classification requires the operation of state of the art analytical equipment designed to obtain Predictive Maintenance data in the technologies of vibration, oil sampling and ferrography , infrared thermography, laser alignment, ultrasonics and motor circuit analysis. Analyze data as assigned and align, balance and repair defective items.

Duties to include:

Collect and upload to analysis computer digital vibration data for analysis to determine the misalignment, imbalance and mechanical looseness of rotating mechanisms such as mounts, shafts, bearings, coupling alignment and impeller balance. Balance large rotating equipment such as fans and blowers utilizing the two and four plane balancing system.

Gather oil samples and prepare samples for analysis. Assist with Ferrography analysis utilizing diagnostic and predictive techniques to evaluate the on-line condition of interacting lubricated or fluid parts or components for properties of wear debris (particle) on size, shape, composition and concentration.

Take infrared Thermographic images of Plant equipment and structures such as roofs, electrical distribution systems, pipe insulation, etc., to detect and record the emission of radiated heat waves.

Utilize LASER alignment to align rotating systems such as pumps and motors belts and shafts.

Utilize Ultrasonic detectors to identify problems with bearings in pumps, motors and gearboxes; steam traps; reciprocating compressor valves; pressure vacuum leaks; underground pipe leaks; oil pressure flight systems; liquid leak amplification and arcing and corona discharge detection of switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, buss bars, relays, junction boxes and insulators.

Perform tests on three phase motor circuits to collect data to determine voltage (phase) imbalance conditions such as conductor path resistance and motor winding reactance.

Perform the alignment, balancing and repair to correct diagnosed problems. Use the necessary and appropriate tools, materials and equipment to perform assigned job tasks. Work with the Predictive Maintenance Analyst and assist crafts in other fields.

Basic Qualifications A complete knowledge of Predictive Maintenance disciplines, practices, procedures and equipment operation. A working knowledge of the computerized Maintenance system with Computation Systems Incorporated (CSI) reliability-based software or equivalence.

Must be able to work at elevated heights and in confined spaces as required to perform assigned job tasks.

Must have held the Predictive Maintenance Mechanic - Trainee classification and successfully completed the training requirements or have proven comparable job experience and training.

Must possess a valid State of California Class C driver’s license, if required. May be required to possess, or obtain all LMMS-issued safety licenses required by law to operate material handling equipment and vehicles normally used by employees in this classification.

Must be able to obtain a clearance for work in classified areas.

Desired skills Must have mechanical and electrical field experience and a good understand how to use and choose the proper tools for the specified work given.

Must have mechanical and electrical knowledge of pumps, motors, fans, axial vane fans, cage fans, blowers and Variable Frequency Drives VFDs.

Must have a good working knowledge of desktop computers and how to negotiate around general office software i.e. Excel, Word, outlook. Have some experience with menu driven software programs.

Must have a basic knowledge of Algebraic formulas and how to solve for a solution.

Read & Write English, Punctuality, Ability to follow Directions.

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Job Location(s): Sunnyvale California